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Who the hell is Philipp Plein?

Money — showing it, spending it, making it, flaunting it — is his purpose. In Plein’s eyes, fashion’s romance is dead, as are its traditional credibility of politesse. He sees it as just another commercial wheelhouse, another machine to juice the ripened pockets of the freshly minted. And, despite dismissals by many in the field, his approach is working; he sticks up a middle finger at propriety, perhaps wearing one of his T-shirts that spells out “Rich A$$”, “Pimp from hell” or “Fuck the police”.

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But Plein says his is a self-made prosperity, and one that began in his birthplace of Munich with an initial investment from his father (a heart surgeon who did well but was by no means as wealthy as whispers suggest), who supported his decision to deviate from law school and try his hand at appliance design — with dog beds.

Philipp plein sneakers

But it says something for Philipp Plein's showmanship that among the parade of rappers, artists and music moguls, the designer's spring/summer 2018 collection  ...

Philipp Plein opens second flagship in Paris

Nicki Minaj was in the admirers posing for a selfie while burlesque artist Dita Von Teese writhed inside a giant fake champagne glass. Neither was wearing much more than the very minimum demanded for performing ball in the Hammerstein Ballroom.

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#SuzyNYFW Philipp Plein: Philipp Plein's Fetish Fairy Tale

While the message of Plein’s brand and conceit is clear — more is more, rude is right, wild is the way — the company’s back-story is cloudier. Rumours abound as to how Philipp Plein was originally financed, and how the man and house appear so even with cash today. His lusty, combustible fashion shows cost into the millions: for AW16 in Milan, he arranged for a fleet of monster trucks to drive on set to celerity a cargo of scantily clad models on to a mirrored, pitchy club set so atramentous in dry ice and diesel fumes you could barely see the clothes. New stores are opened frequently, and there is a general understanding among assemblage that if Philipp wants something, he gets it.

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"It has become a monster," announced Plein, as he stood on stage congratulating the admirers for managing to enter a building that was surrounded by 2,000 uninvited guests argumentation to get in.

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Saturday Night, Philipp Plein Style

Fashion industry arriviste Philipp Plein, 38, will have you know he is not a lot of things. He is: “not a designer”; “not a fashion person”; and, strangely, given the frequent Instagram posts of his atramentous Rolls-Royce Wraith, Lamborghini Aventador and homes from Cannes to Lugano to Lexington Avenue, “not rich”.

Philipp plein on sale

May 17, 2016 ... Fashion industry arriviste Philipp Plein, 38, will have you know he is not a lot of things. He is: “not a designer”; “not a fashion person”; and, ...

Pink is the new black. Ecco il pop-up store di Philipp Plein

Think what you will about that lattermost “not” — it’s the first two that fuel the pistons of his lucrative, damaging and self-named label, which raked in €200m in 2015 by selling gauchely conceived clothing and accessories to the nouveau riche, be they in Miami, Moscow or Macau; the man is all fast, furious business. He has 80 stores around the world (13 of which are privately held; the remainder are franchises), and more in development, which peddle high-tops and graphic sportswear for men, racy diamanté studded dresses and covering fringes for women, furniture, children’s clothing and more. He’s awash in hundreds of other retail outlets, too. Last week it was announced that Plein has taken a majority stake in Billionaire Couture, the flashy affluence men’s label started by Formula 1 star Flavio Briatore in 2005. Plein is planning to double the brand’s global presence by adding 30 stores over the next five years.

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